Älmhults kommun: Surprising Älmhult - international & close
Älmhults kommun: Surprising Älmhult - international & close
Älmhults kommun: Surprising Älmhult - international & close
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Welcome to Älmhult

Welcome to the official website of the municipality of Älmhult! On these pages you can find information about the municipality and council services, as well as tourist information, and much more.

Älmhult is a municipality in southern Småland, a province itself located in southern Sweden. The municipality, covering 983 square kilometers of forests, lakes and agricultural land and counts appr. 16 000 inhabitants.

Situated on one of Småland's largest lakes, Möckeln, the Älmhult district offers many possibilities for outdoor activities such as canoeing and fishing. Camping sites, cycle trails and walking paths can also be found in close proximity to the lake. For tourists and business visitors, a variety of accommodation is available: hotel, bed and breakfast and self- catering.

Älmhult boasts its own well-stocked public library, an 18-hole golf course and a wide range of sports clubs and other associations for all age groups. The closest cities,  Växjö and Kristianstad, both have their own airports. Larger cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Copenhagen are also easily accessed by railway services.

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Contact Älmhult

Älmhults kommun
Box 500,
343 23 Älmhult

phone 0476-550 00
fax 0476-552 00
e-mail info@almhult.seexternal link

Visiting address
Stortorget 1,

Deliveries to
N Parkgatan 2,
343 30 Älmhult

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Älmhults kommun
106 37 Stockholm

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Open hours växel/reception
Monday - Friday 8-16.30
Closed for lunch 12-13

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